What is Pelago?

Pelago is a mobile app that connects job seekers directly to employers and hiring managers. Candidates create a free profile and can upload their resume, pitch video and sample work – all while searching for jobs. Employers post jobs directly through Pelago, facilitating an immediate connection to potential candidates. Both candidates and employers swipe through recommendations based on their selected search criteria. Pelago is an easy way to gauge mutual interest, build a relationship with the hiring manager and love your job search!



Pelago purpose

Pelago is a simple, elegant and user-friendly dual-sided mobile platform that matches job candidates with available positions. Based on a variety of selected preferences each candidate has ability to locate jobs by distance, job type, salary, and industry. Companies see the most relevant candidates and have the ability to communicate immediately with matches. Pelago aids candidates in their job search effort by immediately connecting them with hiring managers, facilitating an initial chat in a sophisticated yet simple platform. Pelago is dedicated to transforming and reinventing the entire job search process by creating a social network with the specific purpose of connecting job seekers and employers who can transact together efficiently and quickly, removing frustration and inefficiency at every step. The job seeker gets the job faster and the employer fills the position quicker through Pelago.

Candidates are forcing a change in the hiring process. Gone are the days of a cover letter, paper applications, and long wait times for interviews. Job seekers are demanding prompt responses, engagement and instant gratification.  Instead of sifting through numerous job boards and sending off resumes to cyberspace, Pelago allows you to connect immediately with the hiring manager. Pelago has an easy to use interface with sophisticated algorithms that identify positions that fit your background, skills or job search goals. Pelago offers a no hassle setup and eliminates the risk of resumes or applications sitting in an inbox unread or unanswered.

Pelago is focused on the entry-level to mid-tier job market, historically a very underserved area of digital job seeking. Pelago also aggregates open positions from corporate sites and key job boards to give job seekers the largest database possible. Pelago allow employers to feature part time, full time, seasonal, temporary, commission, freelance, internship, contract, temp to hire, volunteer and other positions. 

Pelago seeks to contribute to the larger community and has philanthropic efforts as a focus in all ventures. A portion of all Pelago profits support the Pelago Foundation, which focuses on educational opportunities, scholarships and community development projects worldwide. 

Pelago Plaform

Pelago’s premise is to focus on people not paper, creating a positive environment for job seekers and employers to connect in a simple, sophisticated way. Pelago feels that both candidates and employers have more to convey than the traditional paper resume or antiquated job posting. It is simple to create and edit a profile for both a job seeker and an employer within the Pelago platform. Pelago allows both job seekers and employers to upload a pitch video featuring themselves and their work. Impact is gained from viewing a pitch video as you can gauge enthusiasm and get more in depth insight into qualifications and inspirations. Videos also provide a human element to the job seeking process – where the traditional resume and cover letter skip the critical human component.

Pelago’s platform allows for a quick and efficient transaction between job seekers and employers. There is a double opt in method for both job seekers and employers, as they must both match before they are able to connect and message. Pelago uses swiping technology and intelligent matching algorithms to connect job seekers and employers. The speed at which they can connect is the base of Pelago’s platform which will revolutionize the process of job seeking and hiring. Direct connection allows hiring managers and job seekers to start an immediate conversation. Hiring managers can message with job seekers within the app and both parties can transact and vet one another, mutually deciding whether or not to move forward. 

Swiping is a major aspect of the user experience within Pelago. Job seekers swipe right to apply for jobs or left to pass on positions while employers swipe right to indicate interest or left to eliminate the candidate for that position. Pelago allows job seekers to quickly and easily sift through a number of available positions, while allowing companies to easily review and instantly connect with matching, qualified candidates. Connections allow fourteen days for a conversation to be started. Either the job seeker or the hiring manager may extend the first message.


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